We're Getting Married

August 23, 2021

Grand Palladium, Jamaica

Crystal Smith
Jeremy Lazar

Welcome to our Wedding Website

I will always laugh and tell the story of how we met as not a romantic story at all. Actually, we are not a very serious romance couple. We joke, we drink, we have fun. I usually quote it from a country song as “It all started with a beer” That song is 100% our relationship. We met one day after my daughters cheer competition. A few friends and I went for drinks after at a local bar. He was there with a mutual friend. He was on call for work and had a pager/beeper for his calls. We all joked and made fun of him. We also talked about how you would page someone with “BOOBIES” or “HELLO” when we were younger. We all laughed and joked about it all night. I wound up sending him my number through the beeper and the rest is history and here we are today.